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Model # PLF27000
27,000 gallons
6-Hour Turnover Capacity

108,000 gallons
12-Hour Turnover Capacity

Model # PLF35000
35,000 gallons
6-Hour Turnover Capacity

144,000 gallons
12-Hour Turnover Capacity

Large uniform tank
allows for more water flow

Engineered pleat spacing

leads to improved debris distribution

Unique core design

has 64% larger openings than other options on the market for improved flow distribution

Ergonomic pressure relief valve

Rubber protected stainless steel pressure gauge

Safety Release Locking Colar_With White Text_092921.png

Locking safe-release collar

for safe, quick, and easy depressurization.

Remains fully-locked while depressurizing!

Place cursor over the white circles to learn more about the features that provide maximum safety and performance.

U.S. Patent No. 10,792,596, 11,014,027 and Other Patents Pending

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Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts for Model # PLF27000

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Replacement Parts for Model # PLF35000

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