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• VGBA Drains • Filters
• Pumps • Transformers • Ozonators
• Spa Jets and Fittings
• Skimmers • Deck Drains
• Chlorinators • Pool Cleaners  
• Cleaner Parts • Mosaics

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AquaStar was founded in October of 2003 on the belief that better equipment leads to safer and more enjoyable pool and spa experiences.

Inspired by the diverse community of pool enthusiasts – including designers, builders, applicators, and service professionals, as well as the families and friends who gather in its waters – AquaStar Pool Products is dedicated to enriching the pool experience. Our mission is rooted in making every pool safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

At AquaStar, we’re more than just a product manufacturer, we're innovators at heart. With a portfolio of over 60 patents, our commitment to safety, reliability, and cutting-edge design has earned us recognition across the industry.

Our Southern California roots keep us grounded, yet our vision is global. We continuously strive to deliver innovations that matter – innovations that redefine what it means to experience the world of pools.


At AquaStar every product is held to the highest standard of quality resulting in superior and dependable products that last. AquaStar is able to get products from concept to consumer faster because of proven manufacturing methods and a disciplined approach to research and development at it's Southern California facilities.



A safe drain is no accident.® While drain covers look deceptively simple, the hazards they guard against are complex.  This is the reason AquaStar leaves nothing to chance. Each new product is vigorously tested using our own in-house laboratory. While third-party testing and certifications confirm a product is able to pass VGBA requirements, only through in-house testing can each design be optimized for performance, effectiveness, durability and safety. 

Robotic APSP-16 testing to improve repeatability, precision, and accuracy.



High accuracy flow measurement (± 0.25%) from 0.94 gpm to
9,792 gpm using 2”, 6”, and 10” Electromagnetic FlowMeters with in-house calibration accurate to ± 0.00016%.


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