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1.  What is ozone?

Ozone occurs naturally through ultraviolet (UV) sunlight and lightning. It is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). Ozone can be human-generated by exposing oxygen (O2) to UV light bulbs or through an electrical corona in an enclosed chamber. In swimming pools, ozone is a fast-acting, powerful oxidizer that kills bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms in water.

2.  How do chlorine and ozone work together to sanitize pool water?

Think of ozone as a strike force and chlorine as an army brigade. Ozone acts quickly to eliminate contaminants like bacteria and viruses, allowing chlorine to address other contaminants in the water more effectively. Together, they optimize the health, safety, and clarity of the pool water for an improved swimming experience.

3. Can ozone replace chlorine in the pool?

No, ozone is intended to complement primary sanitizers in pools, such as chlorine.  It does not replace the need for a primary sanitizer but may lower the amount of chemicals needed to be added to the pool to ensure proper sanitation.

4. What differentiates corona discharge ozone from UV systems?

Corona Discharge systems are more efficient and produce higher concentrations of ozone compared to UV systems. They also require less maintenance than UV systems that use light bulbs to generate ozone and must be replaced at regular intervals.

5. What is PureStar?

PureStar is a patented plug-and-play ozone solution that installs in-line, requiring less than 18” of horizontal pipe. It features a venturi injector with auto-regulating capabilities for hydraulic system efficiency, allowing it to work with variable-speed pumps even at lower speeds.

6. What are the benefits of PureStar for pool service professionals and pool owners?

PureStar Ozone System is a clear win for pool service professionals and their clients. PureStar is an easy-to-install and maintenance-free upgrade that improves water health and clarity. Service route operators will fi nd PureStar especially useful for maintaining heavily used pools. Pool owners, who trust their pool service company to help them keep their pool healthy, will be interested in learning how PureStar can effectively supplement chlorine use to help safeguard against waterborne illnesses

7. How does ozone impact pool maintenance?

Ozone aids in easier filtration and removal of impurities by oxidizing and restructuring contaminants. This makes servicing quicker and more efficient, ultimately saving time and money on pool maintenance.

8. How do you know if PureStar is working?

PureStar has visual indicators on the unit to let you know it is generating ozone. You will also see tiny bubbles near the return of fi ltered water.

9. How does ozone interact with other pool equipment

Ozone systems generally integrate well with existing pool equipment. Their compatibility also simplifies maintenance, as pool operators often fi nd it easier to maintain balanced water chemistry and clean equipment with ozone in use.

10. What is the warranty for PureStar?

PureStar is backed with a one-year warranty when properly installed to the manufacturer’s specifi cations


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