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AquaStar's Releases The Perfect Circle™: The Ultimate VGBA-Compliant Drain Cover for Modern Pools

Ventura, CA — August 15, 2022 — AquaStar Pool Products, Inc., a leader in Virginia Graeme Baker Act (VGBA) compliance, announces a new product offering to the trade. AquaStar’s Perfect Circle™ drain is an unblockable option designed for use in concrete pools and spas. It has four ports, which gives applicators, designers the ability to use up to three (multiple) pumps and a hydrostatic relief valve with this one single unblockable drain cover.

AquaStar President Olaf Mjelde says, “As many know, the VGBA standard continues to evolve, with changes to it implemented as recently as May 2021. Our team is always looking to provide installers with cutting-edge solutions, and we feel the capability of our new Perfect Circle drain is unlike anything the market has seen before.”

With advanced water stop technology, the Perfect Circle drain not only gives installers more flexibility with the modern pool setup; it also reduces the potential for leaks and costly future repairs. The product’s unique open center circle design allows the beauty of can be filled with (??) plaster or pebble for a flush appearance that blends into the pool or spa finish blend seamlessly around the flush mount cover.

“Every year, we talk with the country’s most reputable builders and applicators at events like the National Plasterer’s Conference, for example, to gather real-time feedback on what solutions they would like to see from manufacturers,” says Todd Pieri, AquaStar Chief Operating Officer. “We continuously heard that Pool Pros loved our existing Full Circle™ drain but wanted more flexibility with multiple pump (port) configurations. By listening to our customer base, our team was able to design this exciting new product.”

AquaStar’s Director of Science & Compliance, Steve Barnes, also adds, “This product allows designers to achieve very high flow rates, up to 400 gpm, with just one single unblockable drain. The four-port Perfect Circle is ideal for today’s multi-pump designs that we are seeing so often in new construction projects. The best part, these are NSF certified configurations, making permitting easier.”

Not sure which drain cover solutions are ideal for your new pool or spa design? AquaStar’s team has created a comprehensive website tool at that can help.


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