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Slotted Dry Deck™ Deck Drain


The Slotted DRY DECK Drain system is a high-quality, injection-molded solution designed for efficient water drainage in decking areas. It features a unique expandable design with horizontal and vertical locking mechanisms for secure connections, offering both functionality and durability for residential and commercial settings.

Model # DD7xxx

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Description & Features

Product Description

This deck drain system is characterized by its expandable ABS injection-molded design, ensuring a secure fit and ease of installation with horizontal tabs and vertical snaps. It includes a concrete shield with a slight taper for easy removal post-concrete setting, enhancing installation efficiency. The deck cover is made from high-quality PVC, accompanied by #316 stainless steel screws for corrosion resistance. Notably, the system should not be used as a suction outlet. Sold in 10 linear feet sections, it is designed for adaptability and longevity, with optional loops for rebar reinforcement, adding to its structural integrity.

Highlighted Features

Expandable ABS injection molded deck drain sump features horizontal locking tab and vertical locking snaps for a secure connection

Unique concrete shield design has a slight taper to help remove shield after the concrete has set

Deck cover manufactured from high-quality PVC

Optional loops for rebar reinforcement

#316 stainless steel screws

Do not use as suction outlet

Sold in 10 linear feet

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