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Pipe Extenders 2''

Model # PE20101

The Pipe Extenders 2'' (Model # PE20101) are a simple and effective solution for extending pipes in swimming pool installations.


Product Information

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Support Documents

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Description & Features

Product Description

These pipe extenders slip outside 2" pipe and inside 2" pipe, making it easy to perform in-trench pipe extensions. They are made from PVC and are NSF 50 approved materials, ensuring that they are safe and durable for use in swimming pools. With this product, you can easily extend your pipes to the desired length without the need for any complicated or expensive procedures. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for all your pool pipe extension needs.

Highlighted Features

PE20101 slips outside 2" pipe and inside 

2" pipe for easy in-trench pipe extension

NSF 50 approved materials

Made from PVC

White only

250 per case


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