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Large Extended 2" Return Fitting with Locking Nut Fiberglass

Model # 1020TSxxx

The Large Extended 2" Return Fitting with Locking Nut Fiberglass (Model # 1020TSxxx) is a versatile and durable product designed for fiberglass pool installations.


Product Information

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Support Documents

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Description & Features

Product Description

This fitting fits 2” thread or 1½" slip, providing a comprehensive solution for different pool designs. The 1½" thread in the front face allows for easy connection to other plumbing components. The extended wall fitting allows for variations in fiberglass depth, providing a secure and tight fit. The product includes a locking nut for fiberglass installations, ensuring a secure and tight seal. It also includes a removable eyeball and nut, providing an easy and convenient solution for pool builders and remodelers. The product is manufactured from UV-resistant ABS material and is made in the USA, ensuring the quality and standard of the product. The product also comes with an optional wall angle adapter (p/n AWAxxx) which aligns the return fittings and eliminates the need for costly adjustments on the fittings.

Highlighted Features

Fits 2” thread or 1½" slip

1½" thread in front face

Extended wall fitting allows for variations in fiberglass depth

Includes locking nut for fiberglass installations

Includes removable eyeball and nut

Manufactured from UV-resistant ABS material

25 per case

Optional Wall Angle Adapter 
p/n AWAxxx shown below


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