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Flush Retrofit Eyeball

Model # JOxxx

The Flush Retrofit Eyeball (Model # JOxxx) is a versatile and easy-to-use product that allows you to upgrade and revitalize existing pool fittings.


Product Information

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Support Documents

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Description & Features

Product Description

This fitting threads into 1½" FPT, making it easy to install and connect to other plumbing components. It comes with a wrench, retrofit nut, retrofit socket, ½" eyeball and 1" eyeball, making it a comprehensive solution for retrofitting existing fittings. The flush retrofit eyeball fits flush inside flush mount fittings, allowing you to change the color of your existing fitting and make it look new again. The product eliminates the need to chip out the old fitting, saving you time and money. The flush retrofit eyeball is made in the USA and is a great solution for those looking to upgrade and refresh their pool fittings.

Highlighted Features

Threads into 1½" FPT

Includes wrench, retrofit nut, retrofit socket, ½" eyeball and 1" eyeball

Fits flush inside flush mount fittings

Changes color of existing fitting

Makes existing old fitting look new

Eliminates the need to chip out the old fitting


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