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4-Screw Vinyl Fitting

Model # ES1408xx

The 4-Screw Vinyl Fitting (Model # ES1408xx) is a versatile and durable product designed for vinyl pool installations.


Product Information

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Support Documents

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Description & Features

Product Description

This fitting has a 1½" FIP, making it easy to connect to other plumbing components. The unique feature of this fitting is that it allows for liner replacement by removing the faceplate during installation. This makes it an ideal solution for pool builders and remodelers who want to save time and effort during the installation process. The fitting can be used for return or suction with the appropriate eyeball or grate fitting, making it a versatile solution for different pool designs. It includes gasket, nut and stainless steel screws, providing a comprehensive solution for vinyl pool installations. However, the eyeball is not included in the package. This fitting is manufactured from UV-resistant ABS materia which makes it durable and long-lasting. With this product, pool builders and remodelers can easily upgrade and refresh their pool fittings, making it a great addition to any pool project.

Highlighted Features

1½" FIP

Allows for liner replacement by removing faceplate during installation

Can be used for return or suction with the appropriate eyeball or grate fitting

Includes gasket, nut and stainless steel screws

For vinyl installations

Eyeball not included


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