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2'' Dry Deck™ Deck Drain


The 2'' DRY DECK® Deck Drain is an innovative drainage solution, designed for durability and ease of installation. It features an expandable ABS injection-molded sump with a secure locking system, a 3'' to 2'' adapter frame, and a high-quality PVC deck cover, ensuring long-lasting performance and aesthetic appeal for any outdoor space.

Model # DD2xxx

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Description & Features

Product Description

The 2'' DRY DECK® Deck Drain is engineered with precision to provide an effective and efficient drainage solution. Its core component, an expandable ABS injection-molded deck drain sump, incorporates both horizontal locking tabs and vertical locking snaps, facilitating a robust and secure connection that withstands the test of time. This system is designed to accommodate a 3'' to 2'' adapter frame, making it versatile for various installation requirements.

A standout feature of this deck drain is its unique concrete shield design, which not only protects the system during the concrete pouring process but also has a slight taper for easy removal after the concrete has set. This attention to detail ensures a clean installation process and a seamless finish. The deck cover, crafted from high-quality PVC, offers durability and complements the overall aesthetic of outdoor spaces.

For added installation versatility, optional loops are available for rebar reinforcement, enhancing the structural integrity of the installation. The inclusion of #316 stainless steel screws guarantees a secure fit and resistance to corrosion, highlighting the product's quality and longevity. It's important to note that this deck drain is not intended for use as a suction outlet, ensuring safety in its application. The product is sold in 10 linear feet, providing ample coverage for a wide range of projects.

Highlighted Features

Expandable ABS injection molded deck drain sump features horizontal locking tab and vertical locking snaps for a secure connection

Includes 3'' to 2'' adapter frame

Unique concrete shield design has a slight taper to help remove shield after the concrete has set

Deck cover manufactured from high-quality PVC

Optional loops for rebar reinforcement

#316 stainless steel screws

Do not use as suction outlet

Sold in 10 linear feet

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