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Flow Star® Skimmer with Narrow 9" Throat, Float Assembly, Basket, Lid, Adjustable Collar for Vinyl/Fiberglass

Part # SKRVFL3Nxxx


The Flow Star Skimmer with Narrow 9'' Deep Throat is specifically designed for vinyl and fiberglass pools, featuring a deep throat design for enhanced skimming efficiency. It supports flow rates from 15 to 90 GPM and includes stainless steel hardware, making it ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Product Information

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Description & Features

Product Description

This skimmer is built to NSF 50 and SPS 3 standards, ensuring high quality and safety. It features an adjustable collar and weir clip lock for secure operation, a large self-contained basket with a lock-in feature to prevent floating, and pre-installed O-ring for the float assembly. Noise reduction is achieved with underwater dampers on the faceplate. The skimmer's durable construction includes a super strong engineered polymer upper housing and an extra heavy-duty PVC lower unit that requires no transitional glue. It offers flexible connection options (2½" outside slip; 2" inside slip for the outside skimmer, and 2" threads for pressure testing inside the skimmer), a built-in overflow or fill line knock-out, and UV-tested skimmer lid and collar. Additionally, it provides an optional custom name/logo engraving on the lid for orders of 500 or more, ensuring adaptability to all existing vinyl liner pool walls.

Highlighted Features

Adjustable collar


New weir clip lock secures the clips in the weir door 


Weir plate with easy snap in and out locks


Large self-contained basket with lock-in feature (will not float)


Pre-installed O-ring for float assembly


Underwater dampers on face plate for noise reduction on weir plate – especially on windy days


Super strong engineered polymer upper housing


Extra heavy duty PVC lower unit (does not require transitional glue)


2½" outside slip; 2" inside slip (outside skimmer) 2" threads for pressure testing (inside skimmer)

Built-in overflow or fill line knock-out


Upper housing has pre-cut rebar cut outs with pre drilled holes for tie wire


Additional box inside skimmer box for basket, float assembly and weir plate (so assembly 
does not get lost on job site)

Skimmer Lid and Collar G154 UV tested


Approved for residential use up to 100 GPM


Optional custom name/logo engraved on lid (requires minimum 100 piece lid order)


Designed to work with all existing vinyl liner steel, polymer or fiberglass pool walls


1 per case


Accessories & Replacement Parts

Featured Accessory, Fill-Lid 10'' Fillable Skimmer and Autofill Cover
  • The Fill-Lid is a unique fillable lid that will make your skimmer or autofill cover virtually disappear with any deck finish.

  • Includes an adjustable frame, plaster shield, and strong internal tabs to keep the deck finish in place. 

  • Fits AquaStar’s skimmers and autofills, and most other manufacturers standard skimmers. 

Standard Colors

FL10101 – White
FL10103 – Light Gray
FL10108 – Tan
FL10100– Clear

*See cut-sheet for color swatch

Part # BFB101

Adaptor Bushing

Part # SK5xxx

Adjustable Round Skimmer Collar

Part # SK6

Skimmer Basket

Part # SKRTxxx

Round Skimmer Lid and Collar

Part # SKFL101

Float Assembly

Part # SK43101

Vacuum Plate

Part # SKWDxxx

Weir Plate Assembly

Part # SK63xxx

Square Skimmer Lid

Part # RTxxx

Round Skimmer Lid

Part # SK61xxx

Square Skimmer Collar


Additional Product & Port Configurations ​

Explore the versatility with our extended range of skimmer configurations. Designed to meet diverse installation needs and preferences, our additional skimmer configurations offer enhanced flexibility and performance. Find the perfect match for your pool setup with our specialized options below.


9'' Ultra Basket

Standard -

Part # SRKVFL3Nxxx-L

Available 2'' Socket Dual-Port, 4'' Socket, 6'' Socket

Example: SKRFFL3N101F-L= White Flow Star®  Skimmer with 6'' Socket Sump and 9'' Ultra Basket

1 per case

Water Bonded



Part # SKRVFL18xxx 

9'' Ultra Basket 


Bonding plate and copper wire connection meet NEC section 680.2 C. Conforms to UL 1081, UL 1563, CAN/CSA-C22.2. Bonding plate is safely placed behind the skimmer basket, for constant water contact, even when the pump is off


1 per case


4'' Socket

Extra heavy duty PVC lower unit  (no transitional glue required)

Standard -
Part #SKRVFL3NxxxD

9'' Ultra Basket -
Part # SKRVFL3NxxxD-L


6'' Socket

Extra heavy duty PVC lower unit  (no transitional glue required)

Standard -
Part #SKRVFL3NxxxF

9'' Ultra Basket -
Part # SKRVFL3NxxxF-L

SKR1xx_With Clear Top.png



Bonded Skimmer Video

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