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AquaStar Launches Easy To Install Retrofit Ozone Solution

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 29, 2023 - AquaStar Pool Products, Inc., ispleased to announce the launch of its latest innovation for the pool equipment pad, the PureStar Ozone System. PureStar is a patented plug-and-play ozone solution thatinstalls in-line, requiring less than 18” of horizontal pipe. It features a venturi injector with auto-regulating capabilities for hydraulic system efficiency, allowing it to work with variable speed pumps even at lower speeds.

The benefits of ozone are well known in the aquatics industry, but have primarily been incorporated into new pool construction. Most corona discharge ozone systems were not only expensive but required significant space on the pool equipment pad. UV ozone generator systems for existing pools had a high upfront cost and significant ongoing maintenance cost to replace specialty light bulbs. PureStar is designed to address these challenges and give pool service professionals an easy upsell that will enhancewater quality and allow pool owners to have peace of mind.

“Pool Service professionals have been asking for an ozone solution they could implement on existing pools,” said Todd Pieri, Chief Operating Officer at AquaStar Pool Products. “Their requirements were that it had to be not only cost effective but easy to install and maintain. AquaStar listened and we have developed a patented solution to overcome significant challenges of previous ozone systems. PureStar is a maintenance-free, fully contained geodesic ozone generator that is easy to install, and works with almost any variable speed pump without increasing energy costs. While adding tiny bubbles that can been easily seen on the water surface, PureStar also has a visual indicator on the unit to confirm it is operating properly. It is truly a game changer for our industry.”

PureStar’s simple in-line installation and connection to standard 120V GFCI outlet is ideal for pool service professionals. Service route operators will find it especially useful for maintaining pools at heavily used rental properties. Residential PureStar installed with a Pipeline Pump and Filter Solution provides optimal water clarity and energy savings pool owners, who trust their pool service company to help the keep their pool healthy, will no doubt be interested in learning how a PureStar ozone system can effectively supplement chlorine use to help safeguard against waterborne illnesses. A PureStar Ozone System is a clear win for pool service professionals and their clients.

PureStar Ozone System is available nationwide through professional pool product distributors. For more information, visit


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