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AquaStar Expands Into A New Product Category With The Launch Of FlowStar Valves

VENTURA, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 7, 2024 - AquaStar Pool Products, Inc., is pleased to announce the launch of a new product category with the introduction of FlowStar® valves and actuators. The FlowStar line includes two and three-way valves, a check valve, and a valve actuator, all proudly designed to meet the diverse needs of the pool industry, including service professionals, builders, and plumbers alike. Emphasizing AquaStar's commitment to supporting the American industry, each component in the FlowStar series is not only made in the USA but also uses raw materials sourced from within the country, ensuring the highest standards of quality and dependability.

Crafted from high-grade CPVC, our FlowStar valves and check valves are engineered to withstand the chemical and temperature fluctuations found in challenging pool environments. The valves feature rubberized handles with a "Closed" label for straightforward operation and a design that retrofits easily with third-party actuators, highlighting their compatibility and versatility. The check valves are enhanced with a PTFE Diverter self-lubricating gasket for increased durability and include a covered flapper to ensure efficient operation.

The actuators are designed for universal compatibility, retrofitting effortlessly to third-party valves. They offer plug-and-play connectivity for 24VAC systems and include over 19 feet of cable to accommodate long runs to automation systems. The actuators feature easy-to-adjust back-mounted rubberized dip-switches and an easy drop-slotted cam setting ability for precise control, simplifying the automation of 2-port and 3-port valves.

"Our goal is to give pool professionals hassle-free products, from drain covers to pumps, filters, ozone generators, and now valves and actuators,” said Todd Pieri, Chief Operating Officer at AquaStar Pool Products. “FlowStar valves are premium quality, made in the USA, and backed by a best-in-the-industry lifetime warranty. We are proud to give pool professionals options for key components that are part of every pool equipment pad.”

FlowStar products are now available through professional pool product distributors. For more information and to explore the full range of features, visit


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