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FlowStar® 3-Way Valve, 2'' Socket x 2.5'' Spigot

Model # AV3W20C


The AquaStar FlowStar® 3-Way Valve features durable CPVC construction and precise flow control in a 2'' socket x 2.5'' spigot configuration, suitable for pool systems.

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Description & Features

Product Description

The AquaStar FlowStar® 3-Way Valve utilizes CPVC material to ensure compatibility and resilience in pool environments. Its design emphasizes precise flow control, accommodating various pool system needs with a 2'' socket x 2.5'' spigot configuration. This valve is tailored for straightforward integration into pool plumbing, focusing on functionality and ease of use for effective water management.

Highlighted Features

Made from durable CPVC

Easy to install and operate

Never requires lubrication

Highly resistant to chlorine

Minimal hydraulic loss

Adjustable-stop feature allows for flow adjustment

Available with rubberized handle for comfortable grip or standard plastic handle

12 per case

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