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AquaThunder® Therapeutic Spa Jet 2.5'' Gunite Jet Body Assembly

Part # ATGxxx


The AquaThunder® Therapeutic Spa Jet is designed for seamless integration into spa systems, emphasizing functionality and leak prevention. Its design supports a wide range of plumbing configurations and is compatible with various finishes for flexible installation options.


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Description & Features

Product Description

The AquaThunder® Therapeutic Spa Jet focuses on practicality and efficiency, engineered to enhance any spa system without compromising on style or performance. The integrated water stop feature within the jet niche is crucial, aimed at preventing leaks and maintaining the integrity of your spa. This design consideration ensures that your spa remains a sanctuary of relaxation without the worry of maintenance issues.

Its ability to accommodate a wide array of jet styles allows for customization of the therapeutic experience, catering to specific needs or preferences. Whether you're aiming for gentle relaxation or targeted muscle relief, this spa jet can be adapted to suit. Made from PVC, it stands up to the rigorous demands of spa environments, ensuring durability and a long service life.

The jet housing and retainer ring are designed to blend seamlessly with your spa's aesthetic, maintaining a cohesive look. It's important to note that the necessary pipes for installation, measuring 1" and 2½", are not included, allowing you the freedom to select the plumbing that best fits your project's needs.

This spa jet represents an ideal solution for those seeking a reliable, adaptable, and effective addition to their spa, emphasizing ease of integration and the potential for a personalized spa experience.

Highlighted Features

2" socket (water) x 1½" socket (air)

New WaterStop included on Jet Niche

Wide range of plumbing options

Compatible with gunite finishes

Wide variety of nozzle configurations

Easily interchangeable jet styles

1" and 2½" pipes not included

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