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ChemStar Off-line Chlorinator

Model # CH200

U1000 Overview.png


The AquaStar ChemStar Offline Chlorinator is engineered for straightforward and effective pool maintenance without direct integration into your pool system. Designed to provide a consistent flow of chlorine adjacent to your pool's existing setup, it's perfect for pool owners seeking a hassle-free method to uphold water quality. This offline chlorinator offers a dependable and easy-to-manage solution to ensure your pool remains pristine and enjoyable.

Product Information

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For permanent installation in return line on the pressure side of the pump, downstream of all equipment, in new or existing pools or spas


Clear pipe shows the amount of chlorine/bromine in the unit without removing the lid


Transparent molded UV- and chemical-resistant body


Standard with 2-inch slip PVC fittings and adapters for 1½ inch


Completely enclosed system – no escaping gases, so no special venting is required


50 PSI maximum operating pressure


External fine control valve adjusts the feed rate to meet specific pool or spa needs


Top-load large or small Tricolor or Bromine slow-dissolving tablets for an effective, trouble-free way to sanitize pool or spa

1 per case


Product Break-Away

CH200 Product Break-Away


Ultimate Ozone.jpg



Replacement Parts

CH200 Replacement Parts

CH100 Breakaway_White_v4.png

Please use the image on the left and the chart below to find the part number of the replacement part you desire.

CH200 Off-line Chlorinator
    1         CH1004     3" Threaded Cap for CH100 / CH200
    2         CH1009     3" O-Ring for CH100 / CH200
    4         CH1048     Silicone Lubricant for CH100 / CH200
    5         CH1065     1/4" Chlorine Control Valve for CH200
    6         CH1056     Saddle Tube Fitting for CH200
    7         CH1057     Saddle Gasket for CH200
    8         CH1066     Saddle Clamp for CH200
    9         CH1075     Parts Bag for CH200
    10       CH1074     3/8" OD x 1/4" ID Tubing 8' for CH200


Ultimate Ozone comes in two part numbers, Box A and Box B, both are required to install the Ultimate Ozone. You can review each boxes contents below, each item has their individual part number underneath their titles. 

U1000 Tubing.png

Corona Discharge.png







Standard Colors

SKR101-OZ – White

SKR102-OZ – Black

SKR103-OZ – Light Gray

SKR104-OZ – Blue

SKR105-OZ – Dark Gray

SKR108-OZ – Tan

Additional Skimmer Configurations


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