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2" Hydrostatic Relief Valve

Model # HVxxx

The 2" Hydrostatic Relief Valve, model HVxxx, is a pressure equalizing solution for high water tables.


Product Information

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Support Documents

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Description & Features

Product Description

The valve is easy to install and remove with its fins, and can fit any AquaStar or most other manufacturers' 2" threads. It is made from UV-resistant engineered polymers and includes a 2" x 1½" reducer bushing that must be glued into the valve using ABS glue. This product is made in the USA and helps prevent damage to the pool caused by hydrostatic pressure.

Highlighted Features

Equalizes pressure for high water tables

Fins enable easy twist for installation and removal
Fits any AquaStar and most other manufacturers’ 2" threads

Manufactured from superior UV-resistant engineered polymers
Includes 2" x 1½" reducer bushing 
Reducer bushing must be glued into hydrostatic relief valve using ABS glue

25 per case


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