Three-Piece Directional Eyeball Fitting 1½" Knock-In

Model # 41xx, 42xx, 43xx, 44xx

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Knocks into standard 1½" pipe


Self-leveling for pipe and surface construction variations

Manufactured from engineered polymer UV-resistant ABS material

Orifice size part #s: 1"-41xx, ¾"-42xx, ½"-43xx, 
slotted-44xx (i.e. 4201 = white ¾" orifice)


Also available in Clear 
(p/n 4100, 4200, 4300, 4400)

250 per case

Standard Colors

4x01 – White

4x02 – Black

4x03 – Light Gray

4x04 – Blue

4x05 – Dark Gray

4x08 – Tan