Large Wall Fitting with Water Stop (Fits 1-1/2'' Pipe)

Model # ES1022WBxx

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Fits outside 1½" pipe, 1½" FPT in front face

Similar to standard 1022 but with integrated water stop to reduce leaks

Large flange camouflages pipe and surface construction variations

See also decorative cover p/n DCxxx to make existing 1022s like new with different colors

Manufactured from engineered polymer UV-resistant ABS material

Also available in Clear (p/n ES1022WB00)

250 per case


Standard Colors

ES1022WB101 – White

ES1022WB102 – Black

ES1022WB103 – Light Gray

ES1022WB104 – Blue

ES1022WB105 – Dark Gray

ES1022WB108 – Tan


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