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Australian Return Fitting with Adjustable Eyeball 1½" Knock-In

Model # 4xx

The Australian Return Fitting with Adjustable Eyeball (Model #4xx) is a versatile and durable fitting designed for use in swimming pools and spas. It is designed to fit into standard 1½" pipes and features a flange that camouflages pipe and surface construction variations.

Product Information

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Description & Features

Product Description

The Australian Return Fitting is self-leveling for out-of-square pipes, making it easy to install and adjust. It's made from engineered polymer UV-resistant polypropylene material, making it durable and able to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. The fitting is also available in different orifice sizes, with a ¾"-B and ½"-C option, allowing for more precise flow control. With its easy installation and adaptable design, this fitting is perfect for builders, remodelers and pool operators looking for a reliable and high-quality return fitting.

Highlighted Features

Knocks into 1½" pipe

Self-leveling for out-of-square pipes

Flange camouflages pipe and surface construction variations

Manufactured from engineered polymer UV-resistant polypropylene material

Additional orifice size suffix: ¾"-B, ½"-C 
(i.e. 401B = white ¾" orifice) 

500 per case


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Australian Return Fitting with Adjustable Eyeball 1" Knock-In

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