AquaStop® Pipe Sleeve with Threaded Slurry Seal Cap and O-ring 1" / 1½" / 2" / 2½" / 3"

Model # BC2000-xx

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Similar to original AquaStop® pipe sleeve (see p/n WSxxx) except engineered with additional female thread for polypropylene cap and gasket seal


Excess glue will not stick to polypropylene cap


Apply with PVC glue to drain pipe prior to pool finish with cap attached to prevent slurry from going into pipes (remove cap after pool finish and acid wash)


AquaStop® pipe sleeve prevents leaks after start-up

Helps avoid costly repairs

Manufactured from engineered PVC and polypropylene materials

Additional size suffix: 
1"-1, 1½"-1.5, 2"-2, 2½"-2.5, 3"-BCR2000-3

250 per case

Standard Colors

Not Available – White


Not Available – Black

Not Available – Light Gray

Not Available – Blue


Not Available – Dark Gray


Not Available – Tan


Available as shown

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