4" Adjustable Floor Return Fitting with Water Stop

Model # 4DIVxxx

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Diverter plate molded as one piece – no glue joints for longer lasting commercial use

Integrated water stop helps prevent leaks

2" x 1½" slip pipe adapter included


Full 360-degree flow


Flow rate up to 80 GPM  

Manufactured from engineered polymer UV-resistant  ABS material


316 Stainless steel screws


25 per case

Also available as return diverter plate only for remodels, repairs, etc. p/n DIV0xxx

25 per case

DANGER: NOT to be used as a suction outlet


Standard Colors

4DIV101 – White

4DIV102 – Black

4DIV103 – Light Gray

4DIV104 – Blue

4DIV105 – Dark Gray

4DIV108 – Tan


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4'' Adjustable Floor Return Fitting With Water Stop