10'' Round Color Choice™ Suction Outlet Cover with PVC Side Port 3'' Socket x 4'' Spigot Sump


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Model # CC10xxxSSB

VGB Certified


Floor/Wall: 156 GPM at 1.9 fps

26.5 square inch opening

Sump Depth: Use included sump

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All components meet or exceed ANSI/APSP 16-2011 and NSF/ANSI 50-2009a national standards and ASTM G154 UV testing exposure

Unique design allows for plaster, aggregate, or tile to be applied directly to the top of the cover to blend into pool finish

Manufactured from superior UV-resistant engineered polymers

#316 stainless steel screws

Online product support including downloadable General Certificate of Conformity, third-party certificate, installation instructions and more

Replace drain cover every five years from the date of installation

Product Dimensions



Available Colors



Lt Gray


Dark Gray





Lt Gray


Dark Gray



Medium Gray


Medium Gray


CC10101SSB – White

CC10102SSB – Black

CC10103SSB – Light Gray

CC10104SSB – Blue

CC10105SSB – Dark Gray

CC10108SSB – Tan

CC10100SSB - Clear


The products shown below are direct replacements to the drain cover shown above. They are designed to fit in/over the existing mud frame. Please ensure that the replacement drain cover has an adequate volumetric flow rating to meet the application's highest flow potential and that the application meets the replacement drain cover's sump depth requirements. For more information about this, please click here.

Model # 10MFxxx

Model # CC10xxx

Model # 10AVRxxx

Model # A10RCFRxxx


Floor (2" pipe): 105 GPM at 1.3 fps 
Wall (2" pipe): 105 GPM at 1.3 fps 
Floor (3" pipe): 156 GPM at 1.9 fps

Wall (3'' pipe): 156 GPM at 1.9 fps

26.5 square inch opening 

Sump Depth: 3'' Minimum

Single - 

Floor: 158 GPM at 1.6 fps 
Wall: 162 GPM at 1.7 fps

31.3 square inch opening 

Sump Depth:  3'' Minimum

Single - 

Floor: 166 GPM at 4.8 fps 
Wall: 96 GPM at 2.8 fps 

11.2 square inch opening 

Sump Depth:  3'' Minimum

Single - 

Floor/wall: 170 GPM at 1.7 fps 

31.5 Square Inch Opening

Sump Depth:  Sumpless


Model # 10AVWRxxx

Model # 10AVxxx

Model # 10CCxxx

Model # 10FLxxx

Single - 

Floor: 206 GPM at 5.8 fps 
Wall: 96 GPM at 2.8 fps 

11.2 square inch opening 

Single - 

Floor: 206 GPM at 4.1 fps 
Wall: 96 GPM at 1.9 fps 

16.3 square inch opening 

Single - 

Floor: 180 GPM 

Single - 

Floor: 220 GPM 

Product Specific FAQ

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Does the CC10xxx have an expiration date?

Yes. The VGBA law that went into effect in 2008 requires that all public pools and spas have drain covers that comply with the ASME/ANSI A112.19.8 performance standard, or any successor standard, currently ANSI/APSP/ICC 16-2017. This standard requires that manufacturers determine a life expectancy and place a permanent mark with ''Life: X Years'' on each cover to indicate lifespan. At AquaStar, based on UV, structural and fastener testing, we've determined that our drain covers should be replaced every five years from the date of installation, as stated in our instructions. Please look above under ''Support Documents'' to download a Certificate of Compliance for this product. Please fill out and safely store this document, it may be requested during inspection processes.

Will the CC10xxx replace any other manufacturer drain covers?

Yes, in addition to fitting all AquaStar 10'' round sump/frames, the 10MFxxx also fits frames manufactured by Color Match. At least 2 screws must be used to secure cover. At least 2 screws must be used to secure cover. Be aware that the CC8xxx top insert must be filled with a finish, and that getting the finish to match the orginal pools finish may be difficult, therefore it is not recommended as a replacement drain cover.

What is the difference between the discontinued 10CCxxx and the CC10xxx?

Our NEW line of Color Choice® covers, which includes the CC8xxx and CC10xxx, are tested to the new ANSI/APSP/ICC-16 2017 standard, ensuring that they meet all current VGBA 2017 requirements. The 10CCxxx (discontinued) is a different cover with a different design than the CC10xxx (NEW).

Where can I find the manufacturing date for the CC10xxx suction outlet cover?

The manufacture date is molded on to each drain cover, it is represented by a small dial that has the year in the center and an arrow pointing to the month.